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Cahir School Curriculum

Cahir West, Kenmare


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Cahir National School is committed to the aims and principles of the Primary Curriculum (1999) (available at which seeks to enable each child:

  • to live a full life as a child and realise his/her potential as a unique individual

  • to develop as a social being, through living and co-operating with others and so contribute to the good of society

  • to prepare for further education and lifelong learning.

The Primary Curriculum provides a wide range of learning experiences that help a child to acquire particular knowledge, ideas and skills that will promote his/her development at every stage from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. 


Learning opportunities and activities, indoor and outdoor, are presented to all pupils.

An Curaclam Bunscoile is laid out in 7 curriculum areas with a total of 12 subjects:

  • Language:  Gaeilge  (1)  English  (2)                          

  • Mathematics  (3)                                                                      

  • Social, Environmental & Scientific Education (SESE)

  • History (4) 

  • Geography (5) 

  • Science (6)

  • Arts Education:  Visual Arts (7)  Music (8)  Drama  (9)          

  • Physical Education  (10)

  • Social, Physical & Health Education (SPHE)  (11)     

  • Religious Education  (12)

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